JOY Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas (TX)
Serving in love, JOY exists to connect people to Jesus and to help everyone grow closer to Him and each other.
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"JOY is a living, growing community of Jesus' followers spreading His love."

First and foremost, JOY Lutheran Church is a community that is constantly changing. As people grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, they start living their lives centered on moving others towards Him. This happens in a variety of ways including prayer, Bible study, community events, volunteering, and serving with grace. Come be a part of the growth and movement. Worship at JOY Lutheran Church and start your amazing Christian journey!

Pastor John Raddatz Connecting through Word
Deacon Rich Gutekunst is filling in during JOY’s pastoral vacancy. God has blessed him with a range of attributes displayed in his relatable sermon messages, children’s messages, and Sunday School sessions with topics that reveal how we can better our relationship with God in our busy, distracting world. He is a retired Director of Christian Education (DCE), who faithfully served the Lutheran church for 30 years. As a member of KINDLE, he is trained in Christ-like Servant Leadership and trains and coaches other DCEs. Rich’s passion is teaching God’s word. He loves deep engaging conversations on how God is working in the lives of people who are studying scripture.

Upcoming sermon series...

George Loose Connecting through Music
Music is an essential part of worship to our Lord. George Loose, JOY's worship director, carefully chooses the right songs each Sunday morning. Through a mix of hymns and contemporary music, George enhances the experience of coming to worship by bringing song and scripture together and encouraging worshipers to take their love of God back out into the world in which they live and work.

Worship Team

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